Investment Guidelines: Creating Greater Value Through long term relationships Each year the Millionaires Investment group and their partners and associates evaluate and scrutinize numerous potential investment opportunities in the areas of: •  Real Estate •  Development •  Resorts, Casinos, Marinas etc. •  Bank Owned Commercial Properties ( Reo’s ) •  Residential Bank Owned Properties In Bulk ( Reo’s ) •  Vacant lots in resort communities only From these many potential deals, only a small amount of these become part of the Millionaires Investment Group’ portfolio, or get developed. Our Group’s detailed due diligence process includes evaluation of the current situation, the current numbers on the property, the scope of the project, the owner’s wants and desires, the current market position, and prospects for sound and dynamic growth. The Millionaires Investment Group, its affiliate partner Atlantic Coast Group, its investment bankers, private lenders, and investment professionals spend a significant amount of time with potential partners so as to fully understand every aspect of the opportunities and risks of the real estate transaction or joint venture and to ascertain the vision for opportunity going forward. The principals of the Millionaires Investment Group devote as much time and energy as necessary to gather all of the facts required to make a sound investment decision. They along with their affiliates bring private money and both debt and equity financing to the table if the deal is right. They visit each site once all other evaluations are complete. When the Millionaires Investment Group’ team concludes that a property is worthy of serious consideration, all of the information about the deal is presented to the firm’s executive committee if it is an outright purchase.  If the deal is a development deal or partnership for development, then the project information goes to the executive committee at our affiliate partner, Atlantic Coast Development. Their team including in house architects, engineers, general contractors, legal department, and feasibility study department, reviews all proposals globally. The Millionaires Investment Group brings discipline and organization to the decision-making process of potential investments. Between the first executive committee presentation and a final investment decision, The Millionaires Investment Group makes several presentations to the committee, providing updates on due diligence and seeking advice on valuation and tactics for negotiating. Well-known financial investors and institutions often assist the ACG by providing additional assessments of a particular project or initiative, along with the competitive dynamics of the respective market. By identifying opportunities for increasing revenue and cash flow during the due diligence phase, ACG is able to drive growth and improvements as soon as a deal closes.

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