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The Millionaires Investment Group does not list properties on the MLS. If it is an existing project for sale or for a joint venture, we will contact specific members of the Millionaires Group who have expressed interest in specific kinds of properties. We joint venture on all types of commercial deals and development projects. Some of our members just want shopping centers to buy or joint ventures with our sellers. Some of our members may just want apartment buildings, or large condo buildings. Some of our members just want office or self storage. Some of our members want to partner with us and invest in our founders programs or private placements on commercial deals or development projects. Either way, whatever it is that you are looking for, please refer to the buyer’s link on this website and let us know what you are looking for. We constantly receive many deals per month that our investors pick up quickly. We also have partnerships available for any investment dollar amount for all types of real estate. We have founders programs available for investors who want to invest in our larger developments, as well.

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