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About The Millionaires Investment Group: TOP NOTCH TEAM – MOVING MOUNTAINS! The foundation of The Millionaires Investment Group was formed from the experience of a dedicated and talented team of professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, ranging from land experts, developers, rehabbers, lenders, investors, investment bankers,  operational and leadership roles in major real estate projects to positions as strategic consultants and specialists in international finance, investments, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, research, development, resort and hotel operations, hospitality, sales, advertising and marketing. The Group also has established long-term professional relationships with a number of sophisticated and gifted outside specialists, researchers, experts, developers, and consultants, whose skills and credentials dramatically expand the Group’s capabilities, scope, proficiency and reach. Convinced that creating long-term value requires industry-specific knowledge and operational expertise, the Millionaires Investment Group organizes its teams of professionals to analyze opportunities for success in a variety of fields. The specialists on each team have powerful and well-established networks of industry leaders and experts, and bring to the table an in-depth understanding of their industry’s economic drivers, inherent risks, as well as the opportunities for growth, improvement and financial return.

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