How To Submit a Deal For A JV Development

Before submitting your deal, all parties must complete a “Mutual Non Circumvent Non Disclosure NCND Document” to protect all parties. No additional information will be provided until this document is completed. Click HERE to Download The Millionaire’s Investment Group’s NCND Document. After downloading the NCND document onto your computer, please execute the following steps:
  1. Print the NCND document template.
  2. Read and initial each page in the lower right hand corner
  3. Print and Sign your NAME clearly on the second to the last page on the blank that says (part one).
  4. Re-scan the document & email to:
  5. Or FAX the completed document to: (954) 236-3788

To submit a deal, simply fill out the project deal sheet by clicking the link below. All information must be filled in or the project will not get looked at. Please type in the exact answers and return by e-mail only. Please follow the instructions below exactly so your project does not get mixed up with others similar in nature. Once the deal sheet is received by our staff, it will be reviewed within two weeks or less. Then we will contact you for a conference call to discuss the project if it fits our criteria. Here is how to submit a deal.
  1. Each deal needs to be sent separately in an e-mail.
  2. In the subject line put the label in this order: State or country, city, number of acres (not hectares), the number of units or lots, and the type of project, like mixed use, or residential, or resort etc., then the name of the project. Please send back the document saved in Microsoft Word, not as a PDF. Please do not change the name of the document as it is now.
  3. If you are not the seller, please ask the seller the questions on the project deal sheet. Please do not e-mail it to any sellers. Please ask the questions and type the answers in the deal sheet and e-mail it back with the subject line labeled on the e-mail on every e-mail for this project. I will then ask you to set up a call with me to speak to the sellers, and I will then provide our resume showing projects completed and bank references as well.
Click here to submit a deal for development

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