About The Millionaires Investment Group

The Millionaires Investment Group sources opportunities and works with corporate leaders, financial institutions, land holders, investors, business owners, other developers, destinations, resorts and governmental entities to design and craft ways of growing and maximizing their revenues, returns and market share. Once the research is completed, evaluated and a decision is made to proceed, The Millionaires Investment Group scrupulously analyzes every aspect of the project or initiative, and then develops and implements an individually tailored strategy for each. No two projects are the same, so by meticulously determining each project or initiative’s potentials and core objectives and goals, the Group establishes the optimal capital structure; formulates a strategic plan; creates a targeted marketing agenda, sets forth achievable benchmarks and then, working closely with the project, or initiative’s principals, The Millionaires group implements and carries out the plan. Once a plan is initiated, The Millionaires Investment Group carefully monitors every aspect of the plan, and makes whatever adjustments necessary to expand the potentials, enhance the effectiveness of the plan and to garner the maximum financial return for the respective project or initiative. Toward this end, the Group remains focused on supporting the client’s established business strategy, and provide the client with access to a network of resources that strengthen operational execution, and thereby returns enhanced value to the plan. The Millionaires Investment Group’s relationship with its partners is historically long-term, therefore, the Group is diligent in committing whatever time and talent necessary to assure that each and every project and initiative is successful, and that the partner’s interests are protected, and that they receive the maximum return. An international firm, headquartered in Davie FL, The Millionaires Investment Group’s multi-faceted organizational structure is by its very nature fluid and ever evolving. The group is dedicated to always staying ahead of market trends and technological advances, and while the Group shares common attitudes, values, and practices, their commitment to their goals, partners, community and the future are truly uncommon.

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